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Respite Road started with a trip to a cabin — my uncle’s. His Lincoln Log home is perched on the side of a wooded mountain, up a long dirt road in the small town of Danbury, New Hampshire. I wanted to write something authentic, something real, and this location provided the perfect backdrop.

This screenplay was written over five years. After developing the script, writing a business plan, and shooting a proof-of-concept teaser video, we connected with three fantastic investors who got our production rolling.

We wrapped principal photography after twelve days in New Hampshire and three days in Rhode Island, complete with stunts, firearms, special effects makeup, craft services and catering from my uncle and mom. It was micro-budget indie filmmaking at its finest. What an experience it was. After wrap, I remember feeling a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Then an even greater sense of fear and paranoia. This cast and crew helped me power through quite a daunting schedule, and I knew we were making something special here.

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